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Pea Shoots Seed Bag

Pea Shoots are a delicious take on the classic garden pea and are some of the most versatile greens. They give a light and flavorful addition to any dish. Pea Shoots can be grown in just about two weeks making it a snap to harvest. They taste great in sandwiches, salads, and stir-fries. Pea shoots have an excellent calorie ratio while offering a high amount of daily fiber needs. These microgreens are full of nutrition providing Vitamin A, C, and Folic acid. Some health benefits of these small but great greens can help aid in anti-inflammatories, diabetes, and heart health. Their high antioxidants can help the body fight off free radical damage to keep your body in top health.


Wheatgrass Seed Bag

Wheatgrass is an excellent way to add some protein and key vitamins into your juices and smoothies. Containing vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and K and 17 amino acids, wheatgrass is a nutritional powerhouse. This green helps counteract toxins and environmental pollutants in the body because it contains beneficial enzymes that protect us from carcinogens. It's as easy to grow as it is nutritious, in the convenience of your home. The best part of all, it's ready in just 14 days.


Radish Seed Bag

Radish is one of our favorite varieties at Home Greens. These greens add pleasant and mild peppery flavor to any dish. Not only are they tasty, but are easily grown all times of the year. A little bit of seed will go a long way with radish microgreens, and can be harvested quickly at about two inches tall. All you need to do is cut, prepare, and enjoy the big difference these small greens can make. Radish greens are packed with huge nutritional value with vitamin C, K1 and especially vitamin E adding a significant boost to health and wellness.
Sunflower Seed Bag
Sunflower greens add a subtle nutty flavor to any dish and are great even by themselves. Sunflower greens offer one of the most balanced complete plant proteins and essential amino acids. The health benefits of these greens help repair muscle tissue and support the enzymes in your body. Sunflower greens contain folic acid, vitamins A, C, D and so much more. These greens are low in calories but high in vital nutritional value, making it simple to prepare wholesome and healthy meals. These greens are super fast growing and can be harvested in 10 to 12 days making it easy to enjoy a fresh meal.

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