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Hail Kale! - Home Greens

Hail Kale!

$ 19.95

Fulfill all of your kale cravings with fast growing greens that make it a breeze to grow tasty kale microgreens. These kale greens have a mild and sweet flavor making it great to enjoy in a variety of different recipes. Harvest your greens in no time and enjoy.  
Contains:Trays, & 2 varieties of kale microgreen seed

Easy Process to Grow

Fill 3/4 of tray with coconut coir or any potting soil.

Sow 1/2 a bag of seed evenly, and cover with just enough soil to cover the seed.

Gently hydrate soil. Water as needed to keep soil slightly moist to the touch. 

Harvest your greens as shoots and enjoy.

Repeat the process.


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