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Simply Good Plus | Grow Your Own Vegetables Anywhere - Home Greens

Simply Good Plus | Grow Your Own Vegetables Anywhere

$ 24.95

The Home Greens Growing Kit includes: 4 varieties of non-gmo seed for microgreens. 2 Simple Soil Coconut Coir Bars & growing trays.

These vegetables grow where ever you go and are delicious and nutritionally packed!


Pea Shoots: The most versatile and easiest greens to grow. It's a snap to harvest a crop of thick and taste greens that are fantastic prepared fresh or cooked.

WheatgrassThis nutritional powerhouse is a cinch to grow. Popular for juicing and an excellent way to add key vitamins into your mix.

SunflowersOne of the most balanced complete plant proteins and essential amino acids.

RadishThese greens add pleasant and mild peppery flavor to any dish.


The reusable and biodegradable durable cardboard box doubles as a duo tray system including simple instructions to get growing at home in no time.


Easy Process to Grow:

  • Fill 3/4 of tray with coconut coir or any potting soil.
  • Sow 1/2 a bag of seed evenly, and cover with just enough soil to cover the seed.
  • Gently hydrate soil. Water as needed to keep soil slightly moist to the touch. 
  • Harvest your greens as shoots and enjoy.
  • Repeat the process.


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