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Home Greens Microgreens Growing Kits are individual kits for growing edible, non GMO, organic microgreens, whether you're at home or in the classroom. The combinations of our seeds are completely customizable for each kit, which come in sturdy, self contained, biodegradable packaging-right down to the ink! We created this product as an agricultural science project that is exceptionally faster than most-taking as little as seven days for certain seeds to produce delicious, edible results. Each kit comes complete with all the necessary materials to produce edible microgreens: four bags of customizable seeds(useable for up to five years), coconut coir soil packs, two planter units, and complete and detailed instructions on the correct care of your kit.


Our kits are not only hands on, minimal effort, and interactive, but also easy to integrate into any curriculum(if being used for credited education). Home Greens Kits are also socially friendly! Percentages of the proceeds from our kits go to benefit local rural and agricultural communities. Our kits are high quality, and long lasting as we are aware that curriculums are used for multiple years. The kits can be stored for five years before the seeds lose their freshness. 


Our goal is to to educate students through hands on participation in the conception, care, cultivation, and harvesting of their plants. Not only does our product teach appreciation for the hard work of being personally involved with what we eat, but it also sheds light on how self sustained, at home agriculture can benefit us all in the future. Home Greens makes hands on, at home agriculture so easy, so delicious, and SOW SIMPLE!