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Home Greens FAQ

What is Home Greens?

Home Greens makes simple to grow intensely flavorful and super fast growing greens. By planting our carefully selected seed varieties inside the box that doubles as a tray, Home Greens empowers you to grow the freshest, sustainable, and most local produce there is-- right from your home or apartment.


How long does it take to harvest my Home Greens?

Home Greens are super fast growing, and take as little as six days to grow in the case of radish microgreens. Wheatgrass takes ten days, and pea shoots and sunflower greens take 15 days.


Where can I grow my Home Greens?

Grow Home Greens indoor or out. Grow anywhere outdoors in the sun, on your porch, patio or even a shady area. Inside, you can grow your pea shoots, wheatgrass, and radish greens in a sunny window. Sunflowers prefer a bit more sun and prefer to enjoy life outside.


Do my Home greens grow back or do I need to plant a new tray?

Each tray you plant will harvest you one tray. After harvesting your trays, just toss the thick and dense roots in your compost pile or trash, and plant again!


What is Simple Soil?

Simple Soil is the premium medium for growing your Home Greens. Simple Soil is coconut coir, the shaved outside husk of a coconut, compressed into bricks. This organic and sustainable growing medium is optimal for moisture retention and beats the socks off of potting soil which dries out fast and is often hydrophobic when too dry.


How do I use my bar of Simple Soil?

Place your bar of Simple Soil in a container or bucket. Soak each bar in half a gallon of water. Flip once or twice while soaking, and voila! In about 30 minutes, fluff the expanded bricks and spread in your trays for planting.


Should I replace my soil after I harvest my Home Greens?

After harvesting your trays of Home Greens, your greens will have left behind a thick and vigorous mat of roots. Simply toss in your compost pile or trash, and plant your tray again with new soil!


What materials are used to create the Home Greens cardboard box?

Home Greens boxes are made using recycled paper and a biodegradable moisture proof barrier that helps keep your box bone dry even with moist soil inside.


How many times can I re-use my Home Greens box trays?

We optimized Home Greens trays for multiple uses. In the case of the Simply Good Box, the trays will be usable even after four uses each.


How many times do I water my Home Greens after I plant them?

Watering depends on your weather, the amount of sun, and location. We recommend making sure you keep seeds moist while sprouting and not too overly wet or dry when growing. You will water less in cooler weather or the shade, and more in the sun or warmer days. Fast growing radish may only need watering two times!


Can I grow my Home Greens indoors?

Absolutely! Just place your tray on a cookie sheet or other item that can catch any runoff, and put in a sunny window. Sunflowers do like a bit more sun, so they prefer to be outside.


How do I harvest my Home Greens?

Just use any pair of scissors to cut your greens just above soil level. Or just pick them off with your fingers as a snack if you can't wait!


Are the seeds Non-GMO?

Home Greens seeds are non-GMO, providing you with the very best!


Is Home Greens organic?

Your harvest of any of our seeds is organic, putting the quality control in your hands.