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Wheatgrass Box - Home Greens

Wheatgrass Box

$ 19.95

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Made with the wheatgrass lovers in mind helping you bring the juice bar to the comfort of your own home to grow healthy and nutritious wheatgrass in no time.  


Pair this superfood with your favorite smoothies or just on its own to give you an authentic and organic wheatgrass experience. 


Contains: Trays, & Organic Non-GMO Wheatgrass Seeds

Easy Process to Grow

Fill 3/4 of tray with coconut coir or any potting soil.

Sow 1/2 a bag of seed evenly, and cover with just enough soil to cover the seed.

Gently hydrate soil. Water as needed to keep soil slightly moist to the touch. 

Harvest your greens as shoots and enjoy.

Repeat the process.


*our simple soil is organic compressed bricks of coconut coir, to expanded soil hydrate in 1/2 gallon of water for 30 mins and fluff 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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